FAQ: Unknown Armies Third Edition Roleplaying Game
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Why is this game in three books?

Although there are some production reasons for the split into three books as opposed to the single volume of previous editions, the main reason we're doing this is common sense and convenience. We believe Play, Run, and Reveal are logical divisions of content, because they clearly define which books can be passed around at the table and which are better used as inspiration or story reference between sessions. We also like that we can sell the collection as a single unit, but also individually. As a player, you can pick up just Book One: Play and not be missing out on anything. For those who have asked, we have no plans to release the three books later on as a single, 400+ page book in print. We think this approach will make the product line more successful in retail stores and with gamer groups everywhere. Last updated: Fri, Apr 1 2016 3:18 pm EDT

Why is shipping expensive?

We are as frustrated by the steadily growing cost of shipping internationally as I'm sure you are, because we don't make any extra money by charging you more money for shipping the books and it presents a barrier to a lot of our customers. That said, we've been looking into possible alternatives and options, but the costs we're presenting here are derived from US Mail's numbers for shipping out approximately 6 pounds of book material and packaging. We are fortunate in this day and age of electronic content that we can provide PDFs and EPUBs of our game books to gamers all around the world. We take the time to make these versions as useful and easy to reference as we can; we don't think it adds any value just to send you the same PDF file we send to the printer. Instead, we're going to work to make the PDFs have a host of handy features, from internal links to more screen-ready layout and colors. It's not the same as having the print book in hand, but we're glad to have the option for you. Last updated: Fri, Apr 1 2016 3:37 pm EDT

What is different or new in Unknown Armies 3?

The short answer is that this is the edition for this new decade, with game rules that have been revised and updated to better reflect the goal of the game and benefit from the experience we've all had playing RPGs for many years. All of the basic rules are the same: percentage-based traits, flip-flops and obsessions, hardened and failed notches, and magick. What's changed is how your character interacts with these rules, how your character's abilities are determined, and what you are actually supposed to be doing in the game. Greg has done a fantastic job of taking the previous editions and re-casting them as modern works of progressive and transgressive gaming. Everything you loved about UA is still here, but now there's more for you to obsess about. That's a win win for us. Last updated: Fri, Apr 1 2016 3:37 pm EDT

Where are

It's been over a decade, and the world has changed. We've changed, the Invisible Clergy has definitely changed, and the old ways of doing things is coming to an end. Luckily we can resurrect some of the now-missing elements of previous editions as stretch goals or supplements, later, but we urge you to look at UA3 with fresh, eager, hungry eyes. Last updated: Fri, Apr 1 2016 3:37 pm EDT

Do I need to pay customs for my rewards?

When we ship out international orders, we make it clear on the customs forms that this is merchandise, and not a gift. We also assess the value of the items and list that number as a dollar value for the benefit of customs and import tariffs, if any. In almost every case, this number is going to be less than your pledge level. If you have pledged for a lot of digital content and only one or two books, that's all that we are going to consider. If you have any concerns or other questions about shipping and customs forms, you should be sure to contact us about those near the end of the Kickstarter campaign. It's also possible that within BackerKit you will have new options for shipping and add-ons to consider, so your shipment may change in value before it goes out, as well. Last updated: Fri, Apr 1 2016 3:37 pm EDT

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