Unknown Armies Third Edition Roleplaying Game

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Unknown Armies Third Edition Roleplaying Game
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2,819 backers pledged $266,084.45 on Kickstarter

A new edition of the occult tabletop game about broken and obsessed people risking everything to change the world.

Raised in Kickstarter
$266,084.45 / 2,819 backers
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Learn About Our Project:

Unknown Armies is an occult game about broken people conspiring to fix the world. It’s about humanity, and how those among us who are the most obsessed have the power to alter reality until it aligns with their fevered desires. It’s about getting what you want despite others trying to keep it from you.

Unknown Armies presents magick as it might exist in a world co-created by Tim Powers and James Ellroy, as twisting wrinkles in reality created by greater and greater risk, sacrifice, and obsession. In Unknown Armies we ask, what would you risk to change the world? Your friends? Your family? Your health? Your sanity? Magick finds a way to ask the very most from you, until you achieve what you want or you are left with nothing.

Unknown Armies lets you play one of these characters. Resolve your character's actions through the luck of percentile dice. Track your character's emotional response to significant forms of trauma and shock. Try to accomplish a self-assigned objective or goal in order to get what you want. As part of a cabal, your character helps others to achieve their own goals, as well as a group objective that can — and will — have long-lasting consequences when it is met.

Co-created by Greg Stolze and John Tynes, Unknown Armies presents an entirely original and yet disturbingly familiar approach to mystery, horror, and action in roleplaying games. This new edition, helmed by Stolze, also features the diverse talents of a cabal of contributors: Cam Banks, Tim Dedopulos, Shoshana Kessock, Sophie Lagacé, Chris Lites, W.J. MacGuffin, Ryan Macklin, Chad Underkoffler, Monica Valentinelli, and Filamena Young. 

Sometimes the occult underground is literally underground. Sometimes it's not.
Sometimes the occult underground is literally underground. Sometimes it's not.

Here at Atlas Games we love Unknown Armies. Fans love it, too. We want to bring it back. It's a beloved roleplaying game that created ripples throughout the tabletop community when it first came out in 1998, and again in 2002.

This Kickstarter campaign is all about taking that game — a game that has inspired, disturbed, and excited gamers for almost twenty years — and updating it for a new generation and a new era.

We need your help to do this. Change won't happen without broad consensus. Reality won't twist without the focused expression of your collective will. This is Unknown Armies Third Edition.

Unknown Armies consists of three books presented together as a complete set. Initially softcover, we expect to upgrade them to beautiful case bound volumes in a slipcase once certain stretch goals are met. The books are:

Book One: Play—The book for players.

  • All of the rules for resolving actions
  • The central shock gauge mechanic
  • Obsession and identity
  • Avoiding fights and then dealing with them when you end up being dragged into them anyway
  • The magick of adepts and avatars

Book Two: Run—The book for the Game Moderator.

  • Presenting the players and their characters with obstacles to their fevered dreams of changing the world
  • Procedures for overseeing character creation and setting collaboration in the first session of play
  • Plenty of background on the world of the occult underground

Book Three: Reveal—The book of the weird.

  • Fuel for the Game Moderator: packed with ideas, hooks, tidbits, scraps, lies, truths, and horrors
  • What's heresy and what's just hearsay?
  • Freaky Game Moderator characters, locations, creatures, and events
  • Even more magick
An example interior spread (not final)
An example interior spread (not final)
Interior spread without splash chapter opening (not final)
Interior spread without splash chapter opening (not final)

By backing this project at the $10 level or greater, you get early access to drafts of the three books in their raw, dangerous state. Look for the link in the first backer update. With these documents also come access to the Gamma playtest of this edition, which means we want your feedback about the game before we seal the deal with the Invisible Clergy, AKA our talented production team.

We are funded!

We've got you covered.
We've got you covered.

Publishing three full-color, beautifully illustrated, expertly crafted softcover books is certainly appealing, but we want more for this game, and we want you to help us get there. Here is what we plan to do with backer funds that exceed the initial target set for the campaign.

$50,000: Hardcover Upgrade - FUNDED!
We upgrade all three books to casebound volumes with soft-touch laminate covers. This is a free upgrade to anyone who gets the books in print.

$75,000: Deluxe Set Magnetic Slipcase - FUNDED!
We add a Deluxe Set option, which is the three books in a full-color slipcase with magnetic clasp. The slipcase unfolds to serve as a full-function Game Moderator screen. This unlocks new backer levels, including a $150 Deluxe Set backer level.

Three books enclosed within a slipcase that unwraps to form a GM screen and reference.
Three books enclosed within a slipcase that unwraps to form a GM screen and reference.
Concept image of unfolded screen.
Concept image of unfolded screen.

$85,000: Add Ascension of the Magdalene to Crazy Pack 2 - FUNDED!
We add this dual-stat scenario by Rick Neal to Crazy Pack 2. Set in Prague, 1602, it showcases the breadth of possible stories in the occult underground and features both Unknown Armies (2nd edition) and d20 game stats.

$100,000: Add Book Four as Bonus Digital Content - FUNDED!
We add Book Four: Expose, a digital-only offering that begins as a 32-page collection of new material and content by Greg Stolze. Automatically added to any backer tier that gets bonus ebook content.

$110,000: Book Four Grows to 64 Pages - FUNDED!
We expand Book Four: Expose to include an additional 32 pages, bringing Greg’s unnatural corpus of additional material for Unknown Armies to 64 pages.

$140,000: Soundtrack Cycle 1 - FUNDED! 
We commission renowned game soundtrack artist and composer James Semple to craft a 15-minute composition of Unknown Armies music – or should it be “musick?” – suitable for inspiring your cabal to greater obsession at the game table. Added as bonus content to all tiers from CHECKER upwards.

$160,000: Book Four Grows to 96 Pages - FUNDED!
We unlock the final set of chains on Greg Stolze and lock his full talent upon Book Four: Expose, increasing it to a total of 96 pages in PDF and EPUB for all backers eligible to receive bonus ebook content.

$180,000: Add Book Five as Bonus Digital Content - FUNDED!
As we delve into the occult underground we uncover new and diverse rituals, organizations, archetypes, and magickal phenomena. This stretch goal unlocks Book Five: Mine, which includes expanded game content in PDF and EPUB for all those eligible to receive bonus ebook content at no additional cost. Written by Unknown Armies adepts Chris Lites and Tim Dedopulos.

$190,000: New Book Five Author: Filamena Young - FUNDED!
We draft UA writer Filamena Young to tear the band-aid from a new set of rituals for Book Five: Mine, extending it to 48 pages.

$195,000: New Book Five Author: Ryan Macklin - FUNDED!
We take Ryan Macklin, UA writer from the Internet, and lock him in a chamber of small animals until he hands over an additional 16 pages of material for Book Five: Mine, bringing it to a total of 64 pages.

$200,000: New Book Five Author: Chad Underkoffler - FUNDED!
Catching sight of UA writer Chad Underkoffler trying to escape, we strap him in and extract an additional 16 pages for Book Five: Mine, for your eventual enjoyment, bringing it to a total of 80 pages.

$210,000: Soundtrack Cycle 2 - FUNDED!
We return to the orchestral forge of James Semple to commission an additional 15-minute composition of Unknown Armies–inspired music to collide with your willing senses.

$215,000: New Book Five Author: WJ MacGuffin - FUNDED!
We summon the spiritual essence of WJ MacGuffin, UA writer and scribe, to embody a mint condition Western Digital Pascal MicroEngine WD900 installed within an oak box just long enough to produce 16 more pages for Book Five: Mine. New book total: 96 pages!

$220,000: New Book Author: Jason L. Blair - FUNDED!
Dredged from the bottom of the lake and risen anew is Little Fears writer, Jason L. Blair, who adds another 16 pages to Book Five: Mine, making it 112 pages!

$225,000: New Book Author: Kenneth Hite - FUNDED!
From out of his cyclopean library somewhere in Chicago, award-winning author and Night's Black Agents designer Kenneth Hite seals the deal on Book Five: Mine, capping it at 128 pages!

$230,000: Add PDF Reference Companion - FUNDED!
Designed and developed by Cam Banks to accent, accommodate, and accessorize your Unknown Armies gaming experience, these PDF tools include cheat sheets, study guides, full-feature form-fillable character profiles, and bonus content bringing together material from all five UA3 books for easy reference.

$240,000: Soundtrack Cycle 3 - FUNDED!
Our third and most potent 15-minute soundtrack cycle from James Semple is unlocked at this level, ushering in a new era of tabletop accompaniment.

$250,000: Godwalker - FUNDED!
If we reach this level, everyone who backs the project at the Digital Pony ($10) tier or greater gets a digital copy of Greg Stolze's trend-crashing Unknown Armies novel, Godwalker.

Sleeper Certified.
Sleeper Certified.

Backer Count Stretch Goals!

Not only are we excited to reveal stretch goals based on the total pledged amount, we've set aside an entirely separate ladder of goals based on the number of campaign backers.

These backer count stretch goals start once we reach 2000 backers, wherein we reveal the first of our Campaign Starter Kits. These digital-only products contain everything you need to get an Unknown Armies campaign started:

  • Five pregenerated characters, broken and damaged and ready to go
  • One group objective for the cabal to pursue
  • A first session scenario to get things moving quickly
  • GM hooks, additional objective ideas, GMCs, and suggestions for your aggressive GM planner sessions

Every backer who has pledged at a tier that provides bonus ebook content or bonus digital content gets these at no additional cost. Ponies who missed out on backing the Kickstarter can purchase these kits at a later date for a low cost.

2000 Backers: Campaign Starter Kit 001 - UNLOCKED
The first of the Unknown Armies Campaign Starter Kits, written and designed by one of our UA3 contributors!

2100 Backers: Campaign Starter Kit 002 - UNLOCKED
A second Unknown Armies Campaign Starter Kit, written and designed by one of our UA3 contributors!

2200 Backers: Campaign Starter Kit 003 - UNLOCKED
A third Unknown Armies Campaign Starter Kit, written and designed by one of our UA3 contributors!

2333 Backers: How to Play UA3 Video Tutorial 001 - UNLOCKED
We'll produce the first in a planned series of UA3 tutorial videos, focused on specific elements of the game. The first is the collaborative character creation method that appears in Book Two: Run!

2400 Backers: Campaign Starter Kit 004 - UNLOCKED
A fourth Unknown Armies Campaign Starter Kit, written and designed by one of our UA3 contributors!

2450 Backers: Campaign Starter Kit 005 - UNLOCKED
A fifth Unknown Armies Campaign Starter Kit, written and designed by one of our UA3 contributors!

2500 Backers: Campaign Starter Kit 006 - UNLOCKED
A sixth Unknown Armies Campaign Starter Kit, written and designed by one of our UA3 contributors!

2550 Backers: Campaign Starter Kit 007 - UNLOCKED
A seventh Unknown Armies Campaign Starter Kit, written and designed by one of our UA3 contributors!

2666 Backers: How to Play UA3 Video Tutorial 002 - UNLOCKED
We'll produce a second UA3 tutorial video, focused on the various ways UA3 handles conflict and trauma (i.e. shock gauges and combat) in rules that appear in Book One: Play!

We have other things you can add on to your pledge if you so desire. Some of these are built into the backer levels already, but you might want to add on more copies of them. Or customize your own rewards ad hoc. It's a new world, baby.

Unknown Armies Dice (+$10)

We're having a set of six prestige ten-sided dice crafted specially for this Kickstarter campaign by Q-Workshop. The set includes three dice each of two colors. You decide which is the tens and which is the ones.

The bones (not final design)
The bones (not final design)

Crazy Packs

These are PDF bundles of previous edition UA books.

Crazy Pack 1 (+$15): All 1st edition books:

  • Unknown Armies core rulebook (1st edition)
  • Hush Hush
  • Lawyers Guns & Money
  • One Shots
  • Postmodern Magick
  • Statosphere
  • Weep

Crazy Pack 2 (+$10): All 2nd edition books:

  • Unknown Armies core rulebook (2nd edition)
  • Break Today
  • To Go
  • Ascension of the Magdalene

Additional Print Books

These are extra copies of print versions of the UA3 rulebooks, at our special add-on cost.

  • Book One: Play (+$35): The player's book
  • Book Two: Run (+$30): The GM's book.
  • Book Three: Reveal (+$30): The encyclopedia of occult knowledge.
  • Deluxe Set (+$120): All three books + magnetic clasp slipcase.
Musick for Unknown Armies

Moody, curiously disturbing, and inspirational occult soundtracks to your UA3 game, by musician James Semple. All are digital downloads.

  • Unknown Armies Cycle 1 (+$5): Moods.
  • Unknown Armies Cycle 2 (+$5): Disturbances.
  • Unknown Armies Cycle 3 (+$5): Transcendences.

Here are the people to blame.

Greg Stolze, Lead Design and Writing

Veteran crowdfunder and game designer Greg Stolze (@gregstolze) is co-creator of Unknown Armies and has been drizzling the property with his particularly unwholesome attentions since the first edition came out. You can thank (or blame) him for several of the new schools of magick in third edition, as well as the pile of free fiction he’s gradually accrued at The most UA relevant stories there are probably "Careful, She Bites" and "Enzymes."

Cam Banks, Project Management and Development

Cam Banks (@boymonster) is Atlas Games' RPG Director. A native of New Zealand, he now lives in St. Paul with his wife and two children. He has spent the last fifteen years creating, developing, and managing over seventy-five roleplaying games and sourcebooks, including award-winning RPGs based on Marvel Comics, Leverage, and Firefly, and new editions of games such as Feng Shui and Demon Hunters.

Aaron Acevedo, Art Direction

Aaron Aurelio Acevedo is a full-time artist, art director, and game designer living in New York. He is most widely known for his work in the tabletop games industry. He's currently art director for Pinnacle Entertainment Group, an illustrator for Savage Mojo, and he owns and operates an art production studio, Sigil Entertainment Group.

Aaron has worked on some well known properties, including: A Song of Ice & Fire, Babylon 5, Call of Cthulhu, Deadlands, Legend of the Five Rings, Rifts, Solomon Kane, Suzerain, Torg, and Wheel of Time, among others, and produces art and design for bands, comics, films, games, and concept work.

You can find more of his work at

Thomas Deeny, Graphic Design

Thomas Deeny (@denaghdesign) is a graphic designer who specializes in book layout and game design. His work can be found in RPGs such as Growling Door Games' Chill, Dead Gentlemen's Demon Hunters, Margaret Weis Productions' Firefly RPG line, and John Wick Presents' 7th Sea; and in boardgames published by AEG and Tasty Minstrel Games. Thomas lives in a spooky forest by the coast.

You can review his published works at

Colleen Riley, Editing

Colleen Riley (@wordbunny) is a freelance editor, writer, artist, and immigration paralegal. Her recent projects include Feng Shui 2 and Laser Kittens. Once described as a robot from a future where grammar rose up and destroyed mankind, she is currently enjoying her new lifelike form in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Jeff Tidball, Financials

Jeff Tidball (@jefftidball) is an award-winning writer, game designer, and creative executive with a breadth of experience ranging from the Ars Magica RPG to the Horus Heresy board game. He's one of Gameplaywright's co-founders and currently serves as Atlas Games' Chief Operating Officer.

John Nephew, Publishing

John Nephew (@JohnNephew) is the president of Atlas Games. He got his start in the gaming industry by writing articles for Dragon Magazine while he was still in high school. His writing paid his way through college, and he started Atlas Games in 1990 while he was still pursuing his BA in Philosophy at Carleton College, as a way to publish his own work.

John manages the business side of Atlas Games, handling distributor and retailer orders and queries, fulfillment (i.e., packing boxes), accounts payable and receivable, translation queries, and even a little layout and proofreading once in a while. Somehow, it turned out that he hasn't actually published much of his own work, since he kept finding amazing works like Unknown Armies to publish instead.

On the road to a better, more productive occult life.
On the road to a better, more productive occult life.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Statosphere has been Opened!
17 days ago – Wed, Jun 07, 2017 at 05:40:18 PM

Beloved, the rituals are finally complete.

Begun during the Kickstarter campaign with a backer stretch goal, we are thrilled to announce that the partnership with OneBookShelf to launch a creator community for third-party Unknown Armies content is now actualized.

To explore this new venture and see what's already available, simply follow this link. We've recruited two adepts already for the opening, Tim Dedopulos and WJ MacGuffin, and you can see their first efforts on the site. I hope you consider adding these to your collection and giving this new publishing opportunity a go for yourself!

All the best,
--Cam and the UA3 production crew

Termination Shock Kickstarter!
about 1 month ago – Tue, May 23, 2017 at 07:14:35 PM

Beloved cabal,

Fans of UA co-designer Greg Stolze may already be aware of his new Kickstarter, Termination Shock, but if not and you're a fan of Greg's succinct and singularly solid take on RPGs then you should consider supporting this one.

Termination Shock is a science fiction RPG. For more, visit the Kickstarter campaign page here and let Greg know you're in!

Cam and the Unknown Armies production team

Hey... where are my dice?
about 1 month ago – Sun, May 21, 2017 at 12:45:48 PM

Are you somebody who backed the Kickstarter at a pledge level that came with dice?

Are you wondering where your dice are?

Believe it or not, we sent all of the dice out last year! Yes, once the dice arrived near the end of 2016 our doughty warehouse and shipping manager Travis Winter shipped out all of the dice worldwide to those folks whose pledges included dice or who added dice as an add-on.

If you believe you ordered dice but never got them, please drop Travis a line at travis AT atlas-games DOT com. He can check his shipping records and resolve the problem.

Cam and the UA3 Production Team

Production News and the Statosphere
about 2 months ago – Tue, May 09, 2017 at 04:12:27 PM

A fulsome Tuesday to all, beloved cabal. It's a little early for our monthly update but there's some news to share.

Digital Supplements to UA3

Here's where we are on these!

  • Campaign Starter Kits are still in playtest... all seven of them! I expect the last of the feedback to come in by next week. Then they're in the hands of our terrifyingly adept editor, Colleen.
  • Books Four and Five are in Colleen's hands right now, undergoing edits. From there they're going into layout.
  • Coming up at the end of the pipeline is the PDF Reference Kit, which shouldn't take too long but includes a full index of the previous material (including CSKs and Books Four and Five) so it's still pending.

The Statosphere

We're almost ready to launch the Statosphere, which is Atlas Games' community content portal for Unknown Armies 3. The Statosphere lets fans and third-party creators create new scenarios, adept schools, archetypes, and more, and publish them via OneBookShelf. Half of all revenue from these products goes straight to the creators. We're excited to start this program, which came about because of YOUR support in the Kickstarter. More news on this as soon as it's live!

The White Box

A reminder also that with only eight days left to go, the White Box— a tidy package of DIY board and card game design elements — is currently underway in Kickstarter, co-helmed by our very own Jeff Tidball. Check it out if haven't yet.

Be well,

--Cam and the Unknown Armies production crew

Atlas Games's Latest: The White Box
about 2 months ago – Wed, May 03, 2017 at 04:13:58 PM

Short and sweet, Beloved Cabal:

We want to alert you to The White Box, a Kickstarter campaign we're co-producing with our friends at Gameplaywright.

The White Box is a game design workshop-in-a-box. We want to help people who think game design is awesome get the game ideas out of their heads and onto the table. More details here:

Past that, we hope you're enjoying Unknown Armies, and that your obsessive plans to change the world are coming to glorious fruition. 


—Team Atlas