Unknown Armies Third Edition Roleplaying Game

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Unknown Armies Third Edition Roleplaying Game
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A new edition of the occult tabletop game about broken and obsessed people risking everything to change the world.

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$266,084.45 / 2,819 backers
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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Cogs and Commissars Kickstarter
23 days ago – Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 01:38:19 PM

Beloved cabal,

Atlas Games, publisher of Unknown Armies, has launched a new Kickstarter campaign in an effort to publish a clever card game about robot revolutions: COGS AND COMMISSARS. It's about playing a faction of mass-produced worker robots led by an influential leader whose goal it is to convince and sway as many citizens over to their side and stage a revolution before the other factions do.

We'd sure like your support in producing this game, so here's a few helpful links:

  • LAUNCH VIDEO: Here is where you may learn about the game and share with your comrades.
  • PRINT AND PLAY: Here is where you may download the rules and cards in People's Digital Format (PDF) so that you are enlightened.
  • KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN: Here is where you may join the revolution and bring about a new era, free from the yoke of lesser card games.

We love and we hope you folks will, too. Thanks!

Cam and the UA3 (and Cogs and Commissars) Production Crew

Happy New (Inquisition) Year!
about 1 month ago – Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 08:45:41 PM

Beloved cabal,

The storms assail us here in frosty Minnesota but our work on Unknown Armies 3 continues. Today in this update: New GM Month and another Production Update!

New Gamemaster Month

We've joined Monte Cook Games and Pelgrane Press to promote New GM Month throughout the 2nd half of January and the first half of February. MCG has done this for a couple of years, and this year they invited us to be a part of it. So our feisty UA3 scribe WJ MacGuffin cranked up his GM brain and helped us put together a series of posts to help new Unknown Armies GMs pull things together to run the character creation process and a first session!

Also, this past Friday night I took part in a live Twitch stream chat with MCG folks Charles Ryan and Sean K Reynolds as well as Cat Tobin of Pelgrane Press. It was recorded and is now available to view on the Atlas Games YouTube channel.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or you're still trying to muster up the confidence to run UA3 for the first time, I hope you'll check out this event and share the news on social media and message boards you frequent. Thank you!

Production Update

We're still putting together more Campaign Starter Kits and beginning to assemble our resources for the PDF Reference Tools. In addition, we've got an Unknown Armies surprise for all of you this spring that we can't tell you much about yet - but it should give you new GMs more to work with.

We're still thrilled to see so many of you posting about your campaigns and sharing them online with the wider world. I hope you continue to do that and tag us on social media: use @atlasgames for Twitter, especially, so we can reshare your occult workings with others.

Until next time, stay warm and keep flip-flopping those percentiles!
Cam and the Unknown Armies production crew

Once Again, Thanks!
3 months ago – Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 08:58:21 PM

Happy USDA Grade Turkey Week, beloved cabal.

Here's your conveniently trussed, well-basted, lightly seasoned monthly update!

Where We Are At with Stretch Goals

We've released Book Four: Expose and Book Five: Mine to all of you in PDF, and Thomas is wrapping up the additional e-reader versions for you. After those come into our hands, we're going to launch the digital editions of these books for the wider public. 

We've released two of the seven Campaign Starter Kits, but we're doing some additional development work on the others to really tighten up the presentation somewhat to make it even easier for you to start a campaign with them. You'll get all of these before the year is out, if everything goes according to plan.

We're planning to release the PDF Reference Tools pack in the next couple of months, also. This is essentially a master index and useful references linked together, so it's not as huge a release as a new sourcebook but we're hoping it makes things even easier for you to run the game at your table or online.

Greg's Mashing Words Again

The prolific pen of Greg Stolze has once again scribed a story of weird and/or unsettling content for you to enjoy. As he is known to do, he's releasing this new one, a web comic called SEX FACTORY, to everybody if he can raise enough cold, hard digital cash. To be a part of this phenomenon and contribute to the stretch goal (it's only a $1000, fans) visit the Kickstarter for SEX FACTORY here.

Try the Green Beans

Until next time, have a wonderful Thanksgiving (for our cabalists in the USA) and keep sharing those awesome #UA3RPG stories and weird links so that @atlasgames can spread the magick around.

Cam and the Unknown Armies production team

Happy Halloween, Cabal!
4 months ago – Sat, Oct 28, 2017 at 10:01:07 PM


It is with great pride that we reveal this weekend the fourth book in Unknown Armies, Book Four: Expose. As we said way back in the original Kickstarter campaign, this book and the next, Book Five: Mine, are digital only. That means we're creating a PDF, ePub and MOBI version but no print version. Everyone who backed at a level that includes all the digital downloads gets these books.


Book Four has already been uploaded to BackerKit and you should have got an email notification. If not, go to BackerKit and check your account anyway - we've had some issues with folks getting these messages, but the files are definitely there.


Book Five is getting some last-minute love from Thomas but should be uploaded to your folders on or before Halloween (October 31).

If you didn't get in on a level that gets these books, or you've got friends who want copies, fear not. We're going to put them up for sale on our Paizo, Warehouse 23, and DriveThruRPG accounts in about a month. And who knows, if these books do really well on those platforms, we might look into a print version of them in the future.

Once we've distributed these, we're going to start rolling out more Campaign Starter Kits, and then finally the PDF Reference Tools which includes the master index of all five volumes of Unknown Armies AND the CSKs.

Until then, have a magickal Halloween and keep sharing the #UA3RPG love!
Cam and the Unknown Armies production team

Another CSK, and Supplement News!
5 months ago – Fri, Oct 06, 2017 at 05:55:37 PM

Beloved cabal,

CSK 002: The Young Practicals

Once again our production team has wrapped another campaign starter kit for your indulgences. If you backed the campaign at a level that gets these things, you should find it in your digital downloads folder. You may also have got an email about it! It's the second campaign starter kit, this time about a group of young upstart magicians, adepts, and avatars trying to make it in the occult underground. Writer WJ MacGuffin provides a loose story of pride, prejudice, and pretty people that should whet your appetites for more in-your-face magick.

Many people said last time that they DIDN'T get an email. And if you don't have a link, you might wonder how to access your profile for Unknown Armies 3. Here's how to recover that:

1. Go here:

2. Click Get My Survey

3. Check your inbox

Books Four and Five

Book Four: Expose and Book Five: Mine are almost done! We're proofing the final layouts of these two books and Thomas is cleaning up some additional photographic artwork and doing his revision magick. Colleen Riley, Jeff Tidball, and yours truly have been proofing and brainstorming these documents for the better part of two months, but I think you're going to really love the final versions.

Just like the CSKs, Books Four and Five are going to be distributed through BackerKit and will go on sale at our usual online vendors (Warehouse 23, Paizo, and DriveThruRPG) a couple weeks after you lovely folks get your digital copies.

Expect another distribution update about these books when they're ready for prime time.

Over the Edge 25th anniversary Kickstarter!

Hold your horses - this isn't being launched just yet. But we do have a signup page for news and information to be emailed to you when we have it. We've brought Jonathan Tweet back for a new edition of Over the Edge, Atlas Games' RPG of personal conspiracy in a world of dangerous urgency. Have you heard the good tunes? 

Cam and the Unknown Armies production team